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Bead earrings – Black/White


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Bead earrings are made out of several types of beads – plastic,semi precious stone,glass or metal.

I use tibetan silver and metal cups, hooks ususally are nickel free or plain metal however you can choose silver or matching colour Niobium hooks. In this case price will change by 1 Euro.

Niobium – Niobium is an elemental metal which is strong yet flexible. Niobium is chemically non-reactive, therefore very hypoallergenic. It can be transformed into brilliant colors through the anodizing process. The colors are created by refracted light, do not use paint or dye and do not negate the metal’s hypoallergenic qualities.

Additional Information

Weight0.01 kg

Broonze hooks, Metal hook, Metal kidney wire hook, Silver

Black/white earrings

Cream stone, Grey marble, Jupiter


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