Felted Brooch – Flower


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This brooch is made out of Merino wool by wet felting technique. When i make this brooch it remainds me of my childhood when i was playing with playdogh. Technique is very similar, only i use water and soap to shape the brooch.

Felted brooch – Flower consists of 2 layers of petals which are all in one piece.

Felted brooch – Flower has double pin at the back so you can pin it or clip it.

Lets go wild and choose your own colours!!

Approx. size – 15-20 cm

Additional Information

Color 1

Brown, Grey, Black, Blue, Dark Violet, Fucsia, Green, Lavander, Lime green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Teal, Violet, White, Yellow

Color 2

Black, grey, white, brown, blue, teal, green, lime green, dark violet, violet, lavander, fucsia, Purple, pink, red, orange, yellow

Color 3

no color3, Black, White, Blue, Teal, Green, Lime green, Dark violet, Violet, Lavander, Purple, Pink, Fucsia, red, Orange, Yellow


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