Small Felted Scarf



Product Description

Small Felted Scarf is beautiful and unique accessory. Its made out of Merino wool and silk by wet felting technique called Nuno Felting. I use very fine quality silks that is also iridescent as well as recycled silk scarves.

When you choose the overall color of the scarf i will match the silk to the color.

Each side of the Small Felted Scarf will be slightly different so you can wear it either way and feel like you would have 2 scarves.

There are many color combinations to choose from:

  • Silk and wool- this scarf is made out of 100% silk that and Merino wool. Silk rectangles runs through all the scarf and there are holes between silk to put the scarf through.

Scarf can be hand washed and ironed.

Approximate size: 1.75 m X 25 cm

As this scarf is hand made it is impossible to make 2 the same.

Additional Information

Color 1

Brown, Grey, Black, Blue, Dark Violet, Fucsia, Green, Lavander, Lime green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Teal, Violet, White, Yellow

Color 2

Black, grey, white, brown, blue, teal, green, lime green, dark violet, violet, lavander, fucsia, Purple, pink, red, orange, yellow

Color 3

no color3, Black, White, Blue, Teal, Green, Lime green, Dark violet, Violet, Lavander, Purple, Pink, Fucsia, red, Orange, Yellow


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